June 17, 2024

Where Residential Meets Resort

Indigo Republic

There’s a lot to love about staying at a resort: The cushy furnishings and, of course, the poolside bar are a couple of the things we long for when we return to our humble abodes. But you don’t have to wait for your next trip to experience the joy of staying in a hotel — you can have the same comforts in your own home, too.

The concept of “resort-residential” design inspires Jenn Johnson of Indigo Republic, a collaborative team of local architects and interior designers. Johnson has years of architectural design experience and has worked previously for WATG and Gensler, where she also developed hospitality projects with local hotels and resorts. She’s no stranger to creating magnificent spaces from the ground up. Mixing her expertise in both residential and commercial design, Johnson and her team at Indigo Republic have successfully been creating vacation-worthy spaces throughout the state.

So what is resort-residential? Johnson says it’s a home that “feels as if it’s a hotel and resort, with all the amenities of a hotel”. And it all starts in the bedroom, where luxurious sheets and neutral-colored furnishings are introduced, along with simple amenities you would find in any hotel room, like bedside light controls and charging stations.

Outdoor patio table set with tropical backdrop.

Curate refreshing spaces to enjoy the outdoors with durable, modern furniture for lounging, dining and entertaining.

Bright modern bedroom with scenic view.

Resort-residential design is anchored by a hotel-style bedroom with luxe sheets, bedside lighting and charging stations.


“If you think about it, your bedroom is your hotel room, and the rest of the house is a bonus,” notes Johnson. This can mean turning your main living room into a lobby-like lounge, with cozy hangout nooks and colorful wall art replacing the standard couch, TV and dinner table setup.

And since Hawaii is the perfect place to mix indoor and outdoor living, Johnson and her firm always try to make the most of dining and lounging areas outside. From customizing poolside bars to adding chaise lounges and shaded spaces to enjoy the day, separating the interior design of your home from the exterior creates more character in both spaces and makes it easier to corral guests outdoors where it’s simpler to clean up after a big party or get-together.

Framed close-up photo of pink lotus flower on wall.

Bold pops of color from artwork, plants, cushions and décor contrast stylishly with white and neutral-colored finishes.

Modern cozy living room interior design with sofa and decor.

Consider creating a “butler’s pantry” or a specially dedicated area to store dishes, coffee makers and appliances. A clean, clutter-free kitchen evokes a “resort-refined” feel.


Key ingredients to resort-residential style include white and neutral-colored furnishings — “We always use fabrics that are easily bleachable and furniture that is modern yet durable,” says Johnson — that are contrasted by small pops of color, from art, decorations, plants, cushions and more. Moving appliances like microwaves, blenders and coffee machines into a “butler’s pantry” allows a kitchen to breathe and look more “resort-refined” as well.

“Everyone loves staying in a hotel and going to a hotel. And what we’re doing is we’re creating that experience at your house,” says Johnson.


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Indigo Republic

June 17, 2024


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